Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Plane sores

"This is the captain speaking. It seems we have a maintenance problem with the engine. I talked to the ground crew and they're saying it may take about 2 hours to fix."


3 hours later we finally gained altitude and were comfortably on our way to Brussels. I of course would miss my connection but American Airlines did a great job of quickly rebooking my flight. So I'm currently waiting for my flight to Manchester in less than 1 hour which after sitting for 10 hours on a plane is a relief.

The ride over was pretty smooth. I watched about 10 minutes of Fame before dozing off. Sleep was a little difficult but I think I got some good solid shut eye. Before boarding I starting chatting with a girl around my age who was headed to a small town in France where she's been living for 6 months. She's originally from New Orleans but followed her French boyfriend to Europe to start a new adventure. The plane was really empty so we were able to move around and sit next to each other. It was nice having someone to share my concerns about finding a connection, etc. We parted ways after landing...I hope she finds her way safely home!

I just got in touch with my contact in Sheffield, Matt, who is meeting me at the train station. I decided to buy airport internet access so I could call him via Skype. My first mobile call was a success! I'm glad I didn't have to use the pay phone because I haven't had the best experiences with those. I also was able to call mom and let her know I was safe. She's probably the only person I know that's up at 5:30am anyway.

Well, I'm tired and probably a little smelly. Airplane pillows have never agreed with my hair. I'm a little afraid to look in the mirror at this point. Other than that, none the worse for wear...or however that saying goes.

Skype ya later!

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  1. Anna! I'm so happy everything worked out :)

    I can't wait to hear about how your company is until registration!