Monday, February 22, 2010

So I spent the better part of my night getting my living situation sorted for next year. My roommate back home, Jordi, is freaking out about our lease renewal b/c apparently it's due March 1. eeek. Not only that, but we have to sign an entirely new lease since one of our roommates is moving out. Such a fiasco. Poor Jordi is dealing with all this lease nonsense, security deposits, etc. while I'm off gallivanting around Europe. Sorry lady! So like a responsible friend I used my Skype coin to phone the leasing office and get things sorted out. Luckily, they're somewhat sympathetic to my distance issue and are letting me sign the lease when I get back. We thought I might have to sign all this paperwork and fax it in. People need to start updating to online forms...that all I'm saying. Or we need to have classes on how to use fax machines b/c they tend to hate me and cause unfortunate situations. Anyway, I still have to send them a letter of intent...which I did. Mission accomplished. Now to finding a 3rd flatmate. If anyone needs a place next year close to campus let me know!

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