Monday, February 8, 2010

'Class'...or 'class' when I'm in distinguished company

First and only class of the semester and day, done and out of the way. Oh look I rhymed! Ok enough of that.

Not a very eventful day so far but I think I'm going to like Working Class Lit. The prof seems pretty cool and knowledgeable. I feel a little behind but hopefully I'll catch up. I wish I'd learned about Marxist theory! We worked in pairs to come up with definitions for 'class', 'working class' and 'working-class.' I was sitting next to the other American in the room b/c I knew him but now the prof is calling us the 'american team.' When we read off our defs he was like "What's the American point of view?"...pressure! No, it was fine. Apparently there are different ways of saying "class" and I don't say it the 'distinguished' way. After, I bought my course pack I trekked to city centre and picked up black flats and notebooks. By then I was super tired and hungry so was dreading the walk back to Endcliff. I really need to learn the bus routes.

It really has been "one of those days." I stopped at starbucks on the way home to break up the trip and get some much needed caffeine. I ended up spilling hot coffee on me and getting laughed at by a little boy. Then when I tried to open my fizzy water bottle it exploded. I think I'm going to call it an early night.

Random musings...

As I was walking home I took the time to look at my 'village'. It's so freaking quaint it almost hurts. Brick walls and buildings everywhere. Now I have to figure out how to not get lost.

I need to stretch tonight otherwise I may never we able to walk again or lift my legs. I'm going to be so fit after 5 months--mother will be proud.

I feel so overdressed with my winter coat but I'm glad I have it. I don't know how the Brits survive with just sweaters and leggings. [I saw 'jeggings' today!] The ladies really dress up around here. I feel like a bum with my jeans and t-shirts but I'm not giving them up!

Time for food. Cheers!

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