Sunday, January 31, 2010

Countdown...Trivers time

Tickets are bought, bags are, well, getting heavier, and my brain is slowly but surely comprehending my fast-approaching departure for five months (mostly) in Sheffield, England. For those in my life who may not know, I will be studying abroad at the University of Sheffield this spring semester. I can hardly believe that in a little over one day I'll be on an international flight crossing that big pond.

I'm back in Two Rivers right now trying to put my life in order. It's hard to say what I'm feeling. Well, at this moment I'm feeling pretty mom's yummy porcupine meatball dinner was a while ago. Seriously though, this week has been fun, stressful, and bittersweet. I want to thank everyone who made this last week freakin awesome and I'll miss you all.

Right now it's hard to really hard to feel anything with my mind on overdrive trying to remember all the things I need to get done last day. Despite all my usual worries, I'm really excited about this semester! Surprisingly, however, I have almost no idea of what to expect. No matter what happens, I'm promising myself now to have fun and take advantage of every new opportunity. Also, I am really going to try to keep up with these postings. Ok, time for a midnight snack and some trashy American television.

Skype ya later!