Thursday, May 15, 2014

I've been having words

My little brain-dump of a blog has been feeling neglected lately. I've been a bit busy typing away for other sites in the name of money (and pleasure of course): my full-time bread and butter and Knot the Groom my other side project.

Here are some of my writing highlights since we last chatted!

Words on poverty and development:

14 Inspiring women and the inspiring things they said
Rare beauty: Meet ONE Mom Nancy Sumari, former Miss Tanzania
World Radio Day: 5 Ways the radio is fighting poverty
Transform your skin, transform a community: The story behind Shea Yeleen 

Words on weddings:

Real Wedding Inspiration: Lauren and Brian Summer fun with our new color dipped canvas totes

I have been having fun expanding my writing repertoire, but I do miss the freedom this blog gives me to banter with that great void we call the internet. It's like sending signals out into space with the hope that there are sentient beings out there. Jury's still out on that one, in the case of the internet and the universe. Having been able to write for a site (cough ONE, cough) with a substantial readership and social media presence has been a blessing and a curse. I had to eventually come to a decision that I would not read comments. Who are these faceless beings that never read our content with good intentions? It's as though they seek out posts they know they will hate. Anyway, virtual haters are not new but they're still disgusting. 

And on that note...feel free to leave me a comment! I'd love to not read it. Just kidding. I probably will. I can't seem to help myself sometimes.