Wednesday, February 17, 2010

bungalows and bears

I wish I had thought of that cute title all by myself but it's actually the name of the bar we lounged at last night. I say bar, not pub, because it was very Riverwest-style with a laid-back atmosphere, comfy seating everywhere, walls littered in flyers and, of course, tons of hipsters. If you don't know what a hipster is check out this site: (Please excuse the language). I'm not sure what the British equivalent would be but I'll find out. It was a really nice bar and was hosting some live first in Sheffield! Plus I got to hang out with my housemates and the broomhill boys for a while. I opted out of going to Tuesday Club at the Uni--although I apparently missed the best night of the year for drum and base--as I had a class this morning and reading to do. It was also 8 pounds and I'm trying to save money for London this weekend.

I think I'm doing pretty good with money although I'm spending way too much on tea and coffee. But it's the little things that make me happy and I can't give up. There's nothing like listening to the hiss of the steamer and watching as the barista carefully concocts the perfect caffeinated beverage.

Today I had my Working Class Lit seminar and Modern Lecture. I'm really liking both courses although my working-class British history is fairly limited. My prof is going to recommend extra reading for the international students--great. Modern Lit, as always, is a little intimidating but the fact that my Monday (and main) professor sounds like Professor Snape from Harry Potter makes his lectures more than tolerable. To add to the whole HP thing, he teaches in a huge lecture hall inside an old gothic-like church. Very hogwarts. Today we had another guest lecturer for that course; he was amazing! Now I see the value in having different professors every week. It was a really awesome lecture about post-colonialism in Conrad's Heart of Darkness, and it made me anxious to finish reading it. It was kind of weird b/c right after that great lecture I was reading in the union and some girls came up to me with a video camera and asked if I would be willing to say a bit on what makes a great lecturer or who are some good lecturers on campus. Luckily I had the perfect response!

I trudged home to get some more reading done in my warm room. James, one of the Aussies I live with, was going grocery shopping so I decided to tag along and grab some essentials. We went to the big Tescos like 15-20 min away (walking). James decided to do a major shopping trip which made for an interesting walk back. I ended up carrying some of his bags and now my arms are about to fall off. I'm also just starting to regain circulation in my fingers.

It's snowing pretty consistently right now as the sun sets for the day. Well, I assume it's setting although it's been pretty shy lately. The weather doesn't seem to be able to decide what to do. Luckily the plant life seems impervious to frost or cold and everything is still fairly green. Even our house has a creeping blanket of spongy moss covering the moist stone work. Nature and weather just can't seem to agree on what season it is.

Tonight is ROAR! Sounds exciting...not quite sure what it is but I have a ticket. I think it's like their version of a Pep rally; it's sort of a big party for the varsity hockey game this weekend. Go school spirit! Check back later for reports on my first official Uni party.

Hasta luego!

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