Friday, February 12, 2010

Death March

Another partially gloomy day to round out the week. That being said, yesterday brought a bit of cheer with blue sky and sun. I decided to take advantage of the day off and headed to the city centre to visit a bank and the train station. Although having come in from the station, I was lost most of the day trying to find it...luckily it was a nice day. My strategy was to head in the general direction of the station and the other Uni in Sheffield. That, of course, landed me in some seedy, abandoned-looking side streets and caused me to flash back to the safety talk during orientation. "Stay to the main roads," he advised. Well, you try finding a building, officer sir, with a crappy map and a poor sense of direction. I eventually used mom's strategy and followed a guy with a suitcase to the station. So London tickets are bought and I'm off next Friday!

After that, I went to Barclays to see about opening a bank account. Good benefits but a little rich for my taste...and wallet...which I discovered today after coming in again for an appointment. Wasted trip. This may also be a time to mention that the city centre is a 30-40 min walk from my house. I decided to hop the next bus that looked right and was heading in the correct direction. I got off by the botanical gardens and walked through them, up the hill, to Endcliffe. Miracle I made it home! Later Thurs. afternoon, I met up with the broomhall boys and others for yummy 2 for 1 pizza at Rise. So much for a reading day. Finally made it home, bonded with "the family", and read half of Love on the Dole by Walter Greenwood.

Today, I went to two more banks to see what they had for international students. Then I went to the West Bank (?) Library on campus to try and read more. I love that library! It's so old school with smelly stacks and a big, open quiet room where you can study in peace. It also has huge windows that look out onto greenspace. My German friend caught me playing on my iPod, however, and we chatted for a few minutes before getting back to work.

Tonight I signed up for a Burlesque dance class to honor all my PHAs back home celebrating sexhibition. Miss you bunches! I also signed up for the Cambridge day trip tomorrow and will hopefully get some reading done on the 3 hour bus ride there and back. Sunday is going to suck. But life's too short to say no sometimes! May be the academic atmosphere will inspire me.

Skype ya later!

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  1. I totally feel you on the whole trekking back and forth thing, trying to figure out the bank situation and all. My first several days here, I went to the bank so many times, trying to figure out how to pay my tuition. FINALLY got it taken care of! Everything takes a little bit longer when you're in a totally new country.