Monday, February 1, 2010

Oh Barbra

Can I just say, Barbra Streisand marathons are very helpful packing motivators.


Although I've barely had time to breathe or pee for that matter, my last full day in the US has been pretty productive. I may need to sit on my suitcase but I think I'll be well clothed for the next 5 months. I hope it doesn't exceed the 50 lb limit...tomorrow will tell.

My plane leaves tomorrow around 5pm but I'll be at the airport waaaay too early so that I can sit around and wait. Luckily, like a true English major, I have Pride and Prejudice to keep me company and probably a juicy gossip magazine (What's going on with Brad and Angelina! Now Madonna's going to have to adopt all those kids on her own.). Although airports can be stressful, there's something comforting in the overpriced merchandise, security scans, and boarding announcements. Even the chance that you could be randomly selected for extra screening or grabbed up by the TSA makes the whole experience thrillingly mundane. But the more mundane the better I say...our family doesn't need any more airport scares.

I want to thank everyone for the advice and well-wishes. Here's some words of wisdom from someone near and dear to my heart (I've taken the liberty of making it poemy):
Breath in that air,
close your eyes, and
memorize yourself right at that moment.
That way when you come back
you can see how much
you've changed.

Finally, I leave you with this; "diabolical" is an awesome word. That is all.

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  1. Remember to look the other way when you cross the streets in merry Olde England. The first couple of times in Japan was...disconcerting.