Saturday, March 6, 2010

A whole new woooorld...

I can't believe a whole week has went by since my last post! I was a pretty chill week although I'm struggling to remember everything I did. I should really take more pictures.

Well I remember trying not to hyperventilate after my 3 classes finally assigned our first assessments (essays)--all three of which are due the first week after break. I have no idea what to expect or how to integrate textual analysis, contextual analysis and secondary critical sources into a 5 page paper, especially in Modern. I met with my seminar instructor on Thursday to go over the guidelines with him. Found out some helpful stuff. Still, should be interesting.

What else did I do this week...

...Read, read, read...

...ate 'meat' pie (actually it was the vegetarian version but still delicious!) at Nottingham House

Finished reading Saturday Night & Sunday Morning on Friday afternoon--ha!

Talked to my bro on Skype--finally! Had some good laughs.

Oh, backtracking...I got my groceries delivered on Wednesday. Best idea ever. Only down side is I'm apparently terrible at visualizing portion sizes from online descriptions. I did find Skippy peanut butter (creamy, of course) and microwave popcorn so my life is whole again.

Backtracking again. Wow, I'm playing this whole week out in reverse. Anyway, Tuesday night most of the house went to watch Dave and James's first gig at Jacosa (?) Bar. They played really awesome acoustic guitar solos and some duets and really impressed the manager. Or it could have been the massive amounts of international students that took over the place. Well the bar wasn't that big to begin with but it was still a good turnout. The b-boys even stopped by to show their support, or to chat up the internationals--either way, it was great they came. The guys play again this week and I'll probably be going. I may end up becoming an official roadie.

Friday night was Lillian's birthday (friend, not housemate) and she decided she wanted to go out for dinner. We ended up walking to this kind of sketchy part of town to find an Indian restaurant called Seven Spices. Luckily we were in a big group so I enjoyed exploring the area. Apparently there's a police officer museum here. The food was amazing and Lilly finished the night with a flaming shot of something on the house.

I woke up early today so I could finish reading my Crossover Lit book A Gathering Light. It was the perfect morning to lie (lay? I never get that right) in bed, watch the rain fall and digest a good book. Although intended for young readers, the novel is a wonderful read--both beautiful and ugly--making me laugh one minute and want to crawl out of my skin the next. Let's just say, it left me a little breathless and with a good jump on the day.

This afternoon, a few of my house ladies and I went to city centre and saw a movie. We saw Aladin--the Bollywood version set in modern day. As I told someone earlier: good, funny, strange...not sure how I feel about it. What I do know is that there's a really scary clown in it that really creeped me out--and I'm not even afraid of clowns. Paige tried to describe the ending to Sydney when we got back and it went something like this: Aladin brings the genie back to life with a million year old comet, genie captures evil genie in a mirror and Aladin gets the girl. Oh, and Aladin becomes a genie too...I think. Well he has powers anyway.

Tomorrow I may finally be going to the peak district. If the boys don't want to come I may just jump on a train and head out myself. I need some country air. Also, big researching day tomorrow and I have to figure out how I'm getting home from France.

Ok, I'm not sure what's going on outside our house right now but someone is making shooting sound effects like a 5 year old. Crazy...or mental as they say here. Well I should probably go join the insanity.

Skype ya later.

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