Thursday, March 25, 2010

And we're off!

I know Emily's been blogging, but I figured I shouldn't leave our holiday together all up to her. So I apologize for any repitition and if I skimp just refer to Emily's European Escapades.

Today is Thursday and our wonderful 10 day vacation is almost at an end. We're taking the day to catch up on stuff and work on homework and applications. I can't believe the real world has followed me all the way to France. Looking back we have done a lot an my legs certainly feel it...

Last Thursday night I took a train to London after trying to get as much school work done as possible. Didn't really accomplish too much unforunately. I meet Em at her place where we spent her last night in England! Kind of sad. Now she is so much further away, but I do have an excuse to visit Florence now...not that I needed one. Friday we caught the first tube ride to the airport and made it easily to Brussels by noon. I got searched twice which only seems to happen when I leave my shoes on through security. Everyone got searched very thouroughly at the gate again. I thought my security lady was telling me something was wrong but she actually loved my coat and started asking me all sorts of questions about it which lead to an extensive explaination into her upcoming trip to South America. At least it was positive attention.

Brussels was amazing and we pretty much ate our way through it in 2 days. Big thanks to the family friends we stayed with who made our time there ten times more awesome. See Em's blog for a good recap.

Sunday we repacked and headed to the airport for an evening flight. Palm trees and warm breezes greeted us in Nice around 8:30pm while we waited to take a bus into the city. The bus dropped us in what seemed like the middle of nowhere so we had a mili-second freak out. Well I did at least. Luckily a short walk around led me to a pay phone where I called the hostel shuttle who told me to wait by the pizza van. I've noticed they use pizza vans as landmarks a lot...interesting. I'm just impressed I got us to the hostel only knowing 2 words of French. Sometimes I really appreciate globalization and tourism. Sometimes.

Well I'm going to start a new post in case the Internet cuts out and lose everything I just wrote.

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