Saturday, March 13, 2010

Prepare for Takeoff!

I can't believe I haven't blogged since Monday! It's been a crazy busy week but I did get one essay outlined and ready to go. One down and two to go. Too bad I have absolutely no motivation.

This week is a bit of a blur as well since I did kind of random, spontaneous things. I'm sure I'll get the order of things mixed up. But here it goes...

Monday...Finally met our upstairs neighbors! Three girls live on the 3rd floor but they have a different entrance on the back of the house so we never see them. I decided to go up and invite them to our potluck night on Wednesday. I knocked on the door and was just going to say hi but one of the girls was so excited and pulled me in for a tea and a chat. They seem really nice so I'm glad I went up. They also gave me candy which totally gave them major points.

Tuesday I found out some of my housemates (and the people who practically live here) were going to get roast or carvery...very British. I decided I couldn't miss out on this cultural culinary experience so went along. Lauren ensured me it was "right up the road" was NOT right up the road. In fact it was up several roads, a large hill, through some suburban housing area and on a little shopping street. Luckily, I was super hungry when we finally got to the Crosspool restaurant/pub. We paid at the bar for a food ticket then waited in a buffet for 3 slices of meat, Yorkshire pudding (yummy), and roasted veggies. Oh and it was all slathered in gravy. After, we rolled out of the pub and I went strait to another gig my housemates were playing at Fox and Duck. It's a really cute pub right up the road from my house and apparently it serves cheap coffee during the day. Well that will be my after Easter treat since I gave up coffee for lent. Unfortunately, I've replaced it with chocolate, much to the dismay of my love handles.
Went home and didn't get any school work done (just re-read this sentence throughout blog).

Wednesday I finished classes for the week and went home to make food for potluck/family dinner. The kitchen was bustling all night as people cooked up their dishes. I made broccoli salad (got finished off!) and fried ravioli (didn't even make it to the table). A lot of people made pasta dishes so we were loaded on carbs but it was all delicious. Steph and Sydney made some great desserts as well. Didn't get any work done since I was in a food coma.

Woke up Thursday morning and quick through together my essay plan that I needed to show my professor that afternoon. He liked it but now I have a lot to write about and no idea where to start. Then I sat in the library and read The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time--great book but messed with my mind a bit. I was basically in the mind of an autistic narrator the whole time--not a fun place to be although interesting.

Wait, something is not right. Now I'm thinking potluck was Thursday night. Yeah, potluck was Thursday because Corp is Wednesdays. Oh yeah. Wednesday I tried to do work then walked back to campus to meet up with some of the b-boys. I went to get Lillian's tie back but ended up with a glass of wine and new acquaintances. I met a couple of ladies who were really nice and go to my Uni. After, I walked home and dodged peer pressure to go out to Corp (a scummy but cheap club).

Friday, didn't do annnything. Watched Sister Act 2 and read a little. Then got ready to go out. Yeah, so last night was the big Leeds Erasmus/Study Abroad Invasion party at a club downtown. A bus of Leeds students came to Sheffield to party for the night and we went to mingle and dance. We almost didn't go in when we found out it was 5 pounds cover! Cellar 35 is not that good. But we decided to go in. They gave us stickers with our country's flag on it which was a fun touch. I don't think anyone ended up with their own sticker at the end of the night. Called it an "early" night and got a surprise Skype call from Aunt Mary and Mom when I got home.

This weekend is supposed to be productive but I woke up this morning to a beautiful day. So I had to go out into the sun and absorb some D (or E? can't remember). After a house chat to find out what happened to everyone last night (I won't go into the craziness), I went with some peeps to the Vintage Fair downtown. Paid a pound to get into this basement with sticky floors and a stale beer smell. There were some cute clothes but they were a bit pricey. I had fun browsing though. Not sure what tonight will bring but I doubt it'll be productive. We were going to have wine and cheese night but I think that's rescheduled. I might go see Sherlock Holmes at the union theatre.

I am sooo excited for Brussels and France! I can't believe we leave next Friday. I'm also thinking of going to Scotland for a few days when I get back. I have to get down to business and work on my papers so I'm not kicking myself the last week of break. 3 weeks is going to go fast!

Well, I hope I remembered everything. Thanks to everyone for reading and keeping up with me. Especially the grandparents...thank you for the cards! I love getting real mail. Hopefully I'll send some home soon.


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